By and large it can be said that it is the parents who can make their child either a successful or unsuccessful. Parent’s own mindset, attitude, education, ability to adjust with others and their skills to educate their child are most crucial factors for the child’s success or failure.

The possibilities of the child’s success increase when the parents try to find out his hidden talents and provide him with ample opportunities to develop them.

If the parents teach to keep positive attitude to their children and constantly encourage them, then such children achieve great success.

Those parents who understand that their child is a unique creation of God and thus the Almighty has a unique plan for him, children of such parents find it going smooth in today’s competitive scenario.

The child can remain equally composed and cool in success or failures if the parents give more importance to the child’s self-confidence and understanding than to outcome of his exam.

Parents should understand that their child will learn not from their advices but from their behavior, attitude, thoughts, language and manners. When the parents understand this crucial point, the child-rearing becomes smoother.

When parents take the money spent behind the child’s education not as an expense but investment, they increase the possibility of their child’s success.

 Parents should understand that education is not a monopoly of the affluent but it is an opportunity that every person can seize. This understanding can help the child’s development.

Children living in honest, simple and realistic families have more chances of success.

There are more chances of success for the child if he had to make a bit struggle for learning things, if he was given responsibilities and if he didn’t found somebody or other to help him at every stage.

The children repeat their success, when they are given encouragement at right time and acknowledgement for their achievements.

If the child learns to observe the truths and facts of life closely and learns to accept them, he can move ahead even in difficult circumstances.

The child’s genetic traits, his friends, school, teachers, circumstances, good and bad experiences play important role in making him successful or unsuccessful.

The parents of academically weak children develop a feeling that their child will become disappointed for the successful future of their child.  They think that only the good results can make good life. When such parents raise their child with a negative mindset keeping their results in mind, they push the child towards failure.

Parents should understand that results account for a mere 25% for the success in life. But the importance of qualities like self-confidence, courage, endurance and calmness is 100%.

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