Successful Parents

Unsuccessful Parents

Successful parents give importance to the child’s qualities and overall character. Unsuccessful parents give importance merely to the child’s success.
They unveil the inner strengths and abilities of the child. They enforce child to learn qualities which they feel look good on surface.
They support and stand with the child in the hour of failure. They take hard stance and critical attitude when their child fails.
They always keep confidence and faith in their child. They keep doubting their child’s abilities and are overcautious in the matters related to their child.
They keep being the friends and companions of their child. They expect performance from the child and act like the opponent of him.
They bring changes in themselves and try to get adjusted with the child. They expect their child to change to get adjusted with them.
They create an atmosphere that suits the child. They force their child to adjust in the atmosphere which is already created by them.
They see their child a reason to keep their expectations alive. They see their child as an instrument to fulfill their expectations.
They attune their mind with the interests and inclinations of the child. They want the child to attune his mind with their interests and inclinations.
They take the child’s development as an end and the wealth as a means. They take the child as a means and the wealth as an end.
For them, being parents mean making disciplined efforts. For them, being parents is a burdensome responsibility and having pleasures is their final goal.
They can turn even an unsuccessful child into a successful one with patience. They, out of their impatience, turn even a successful child into an unsuccessful one.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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One thought on “Successful Parents and Unsuccessful Parents

  1. Hello sir.. Really nice post .. U serve d real education to d parents.. U teach us what is d real funda of life .. What is d important of parents in child’s success.. I m always trying to be a good parent..always stand with my children… Whatever may be failure or success .. Thank u very much…


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