Every child born in this world is unique from other children. Though they apparently look same as human beings, their physical and mental traits are different. The child takes birth with certain genes; heredity from his parents, grandparents and ancestors of past few generations. Caste system is nothing but the genetic science molded for smooth carrying of human affairs. However the society has wrongly interpreted it and destroyed the very essence of it.

A child’s brain has millions of cells resembling mushroom fibers. It is an incredible piece of creation by the God. Human brain’s capacity to beat even the most powerful super computer points towards the existence of God. Since the people’s brains are different, they have their own way of thinking and solving problems. Let’s understand why so happens.

Left and right brain

Human brain is a wonderful creation made up of inseparable joint cells. Its functioning is done through left and right brain. Also there is midbrain and hindbrain which controls the limbs situated in opposite direction, i.e. left brain controls the limbs of right side whereas right brain controls the limbs of the left side of the body.

Left Brain

Right Brain


Children with active left brain are good at logic and using of logical language.



They are good at sequential calculation, more accurate in guessing possible steps involved in problem solving.

Usually the children with active right brain have inclination towards creative things and activities that need imagination viz. language, drawing, music and art.


Such people are bit moody when it comes to taking decision.

They are good at activities requiring intellectual skills. People with active right brain can take successful decision even without using any sort of logic.
Active in making analysis, close examination, finding of basic constituent elements. They are active in religious and spiritual activities and social services.
Can think in objective way, i.e. without interference of one’s own feelings and thoughts. Their ideas, opinions, way of thinking and decisions are subjective.
People with active left brain are generally right-handed. They usually have more interest in the subjects like Math and Science. People who have excelled in science field are of this type. They look situations in pieces. Children with active right brain usually prefer to write with left hand. People who have excelled in language, art, film, writing and creativity are of this type.

With the knowledge of how the left and right brain functions, the parents can understand the way their child works. It also helps them to know the child’s interests, inclinations and abilities. The parents can also decide upon certain activities which develop one or another brain of the child.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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