Our entire education system is exam-oriented and based on memorizing the texted knowledge. Securing good marks has become the only objective of our education system. And, as a result of this system the ‘individual development’ of a child has suffered an unimaginable loss. Because of such education system, we have got large number of good businessmen, but, could produce very few visionary industry entrepreneurs. It has produced good office workers, but failed in offering new and innovative research to youths, who could take on their aims with much more passion. ‘Reading’ is one such an important factor that shapes an individual and therefore it remains to be encouraged and developed among kids.

For children, in order to imbibe a good reading habit, at very early age of standard 3rd or 4th, bring them books made for their age group.

  • The books that you give them has to be colorful & illustrative, having texts in big size and convenient to use.
  • For kids aged around 5 to 7, avail them the books such as short stories, anecdotes, fictional stories, or stories related to Panchtantra or King-Queen, mountains, jungle, animals and birds or magazines like Champak.

In the beginning the parents must sit together and read out stories of their kid’s liking. A child could certainly become good reader and a book lover if this habit is continued till the age of 5 to 12. Or try to show them picture in the book and let them speak and weave a story around it, inspire them to speak and prompt to ask questions, and slowly the child will start reading the book regularly.

Allow them to buy books, create a collection and give a place to create their own library. Parents need to sit with their wards and listen to the stories that they read, and/or discuss it. Schools should organize book reading, reading skills, story writing competition, dictation, story games and staging of theatrical comedy of small kids for all those studying between standard 5th and 7th. For celebrating occasions like birthdays, the schools should motivate the kids to either buy or even gift books to their friends.

Children can develop great interest in reading, if families disallow them to watch TV and stories could remain only option of entertainment for them. One must take their wards to book exhibitions, libraries and encourage them to have good collection of books. Also try to arrange one good small library in the house.

Moreover, schools could arrange to have book reading competitions and also consider giving marks for book reading.

A child who has developed a reading habit from an early age will eventually become a voracious reader at a later stage of life.

Benefits of Reading:

  • Even amidst stressful moments a child could relax while reading.
  • Reading habit brings education related maturity in a child.
  • It develops child’s ability to think, know and understand for reasoning.
  • Also it makes a child creative as reading inculcates good thoughts, ideal life style and power of imagination in them.
  • It keeps the children away from
  • Those kids watching TV witnesses almost 10,000 crime scenes comprising of loot, thefts, fights, rapes and cruelty till he/she reach the age of 14 and eventually it affect their mindset and psychology.
  • Constant encouragement by parents for reading, efforts by the schools, and reading habit of a student, makes the task of shaping up of a ‘talented personality’ an easy one.
  • It makes children’s speech more effective as reading improves their word-power and sentence
  • It is indisputable that a good speaker has always been a good reader.
  • It brings out a child’s feelings, thoughts and attitude towards faith or belief in the matter of morality, religion, society, family, nature and humanity.
  • Reading only makes a normal human into a good human being, good writer, poet, creator, film script writer, director, journalist, actor, teacher, leader, thinker, saint, a story-teller, a person who gives a religious discourse or even an essayist.
  • Today reading has become an inevitable. Gujarat Government’s and Chief Minister Narendrabhai Modi’s “Vanche Gujarat”, is a praiseworthy mission which needs to be stretched to each and every classroom of the schools.

If a parent wants to do some real good work at very early age for shaping their ward’s life in the best possible manner then they shall encourage him/her to develop reading habit.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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