What all a kid could be asked to pursue during free-time?

  • Children keep themselves busy in reading if they are made to develop reading habit at an early age of 5 – 6 years.
  • They could remain occupied in a good way if they are kept engaged into activities such as sports, drawing, music, dancing and craft skills from the age of 7 years.
  • Tasks like house cleaning, arrangements, decoration, decency, assisting in cooking, sprucing up of house, purchase and making them learn how to take care of things can also keep them occupied.
  • Also aspects that could keep them engaged positively include; how to make good friends, how to keep relationships, how to get mixed with friends and carry out works and if they are made to learn how to share their things with friends in order to use it.
  • Parents need to see that computers and TV should not become free-time friends of their wards.
  • Ask them to develop interest in swimming, horse riding and cycling.
  • During vacation time, start sending your wards having age of 12-years or more to nature camps, environment and adventure trips in company of a matured coach only after checking safety
  • If your wards have special interest in history, geography, science, mathematics or literature and so on, then find out such development centre for respective subject areas and involve them into it.
  • Children who are into collecting stamps, coins, cards, leaves, feathers, information collection for birds also remain active and busy.
  • They could also be kept busy by parents by taking a daily walk with them, taking a stroll in the garden, and/or playing a game of chess at home. And, the best parents would be those who are also having reading habit thus they can keep their wards busy by telling stories and encouraging them to read too!
  • Send them regularly to nearby skills development centre, community science centre, mathematics or language centre and help in developing this habit for long term.
  • Once kids are involved in such activities, parents must drop any of their fear or doubts, and try to find out on how their wards could transform this habit into a lifelong
  • Parents must remain alert and make enough efforts for such activities.
  • Alert parents could use this free time creatively and innovatively to help their wards come out of their weaknesses.
  • Take handwriting improvement for an example. Encouraging your wards for this will be an ideal use of time.
  • They could be put into the Centre for Languages, Speech Improvement, Personality Development and other such courses with an aim to improve and enhance their manners and attitudes.
  • Make them to learn Yoga, its different postures and Pranayam.
  • Personally, I have constantly felt that the youths and kids’ centers run by different religious sects are really doing good work. This is not an option of development but certainly becomes useful in instilling values, civility, interests, humanity in them.

In today’s community, no special facilities for the children are considered in our professions, schools and even government’s urban planning. There is even scarcity of good playgrounds, equipments, coaches and encouraging environment.

I saw a public school in Huntington in New York’s Long Island, which charges no fees from the students. The school is spread over a 250 acre of campus area. And, after watching the Olympic level running tracks, a library that could make any Indian university feel ashamed and the level of coaching at the school, I realized that India has miles to go in achieving similar progress.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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