• Children at the beginning of their school life, either going to nursery or attending junior kindergarten, protest against the parents for sending them to school because of sheer insecurity that they feel. They fear that once they are left alone at the school, and the mother gone away, they may not see her again. The feeling of separation from parents and/or members of the family make the kids protest against going to school. They  even cry and resort to all sorts of tantrums within their reach.
  • Students from grade 2nd to 12th protest against joining a new school because they do not like to leave their present school environment.
  • In the early days of schooling, children do protest against going to school if their feelings have got hurt by any teacher or student; or issues which they had encountered, any comments about conduct, language, appearance or even behavior.
  • Many times comments made relating to religion, sect, race, caste, name, father or mother gives a feeling of hatred to the child toward school. Thus, he avoids going to the school.
  • Even factors like poor academic results, poor show in some performances, failure or even for that matter performance below expectation levels could also become one of the reasons for a child to protest and not go to school.
  • Other reason that could make a child to protest against going to school in the beginning not able to make friends in a new school or even for that matter his/her dislike towards the teachers and the system he/she is just introduced to.
  • Even a kid’s emotional bonding towards a close relative or grandparents visiting the household may emerge a reason for his/her dislike to go to school.
  • In one such instance, a third standard student, Daksh Raval suddenly started protesting against going to school, teachers and attending classes. This boy started threatening to run away, leaving school and even kill himself. But it was later on it was realized that the reason for his all erratic behavior was his grandmother living in a village, who was visiting them and Daksh was not willing to leave In fact he wanted to stay with her only.

The parents must check the above mentioned reasons whenever a child protests against going to school. A child needs to be assured of security to make him/her determination of going to school stronger and need to be prepared mentally in order to get mixed with the surrounding easily.

Schools need to give their teachers a special training to make the newly admitted students feel more comfortable and receive acceptance in the classes.

Following a complaint of class teacher, Aanush, an 11th standard student, was called in principal’s office for talking to girls only in the class. When asked about, it, Aanush replied to me, “Sir, I haven’t got the opportunity to meet the boys and make them friends in the school. Those two girls I am talking to are decent. I know my limits. Teacher made comment about this in the classroom and it has hurt me. Sir, you tell me, what is my fault?”

We need to understand, learn and change to behave with the new generation. We need to change the “spectacles”. Tomorrow it may happen that a class teacher may not wish but boys and girls will be sitting together. This is not a challenge of tomorrow, it is a destination.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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