During a training workshop for principals of Ahmedabad City, then Education Commissioner Smt. Jayanti Ravi had asked the participants to write an essay on “I Remember My Teacher”. And, majority of the principals wrote several pages describing instances of remembering those primary teachers who had left a lasting impression on their minds from their school days. After this, all participants were asked to raise their left hand holding papers, put right hand on their heart and ask themselves that will they be a part of such an essays, 30 years from now, when their students whom they have taught will be asked to write an essay?

Teacher is not just an instrument giving information. It is not essential that the teachers should be highly proficient, but, surely be having a good knowledge on the subject. What is more requiring is good nature, inexhaustible patience, and virtues like soft, tolerant, gentle and pleasing, modest and polite, kind, courteous and having friendly attitude, so that his/her personality could be friendly and likeable among the students, other teachers and parents alike.

A teacher has to have a marginal quality of motherhood along with weightiness of father. Teacher is expected to have an understanding of reaching to the last student of class. Teacher got to have an ability to move on taking along every student with him and a skill to motivate that develops a vision of tomorrow and self-confidence in children.

A successful teacher is one whose entry into the classroom is eagerly awaited by the students, if he fails to reach on time. Victorious teacher is the one who is living in the heart, mind, and home environment of students. A successful teacher is a role model; whose feet are touched by students even after a span of 25 years.

The one who knows and feels the pain of students and strives to endow them with abilities bringing novelties in his ways is a good teacher. A successful teacher is one who has always been awake, adopting new approaches, and offers new things to students.

I want to recall one incident that I witnessed in an ordinary primary school at Detroj village where I saw a truly living principal. I saw an academic instrument shop which was being run by students and I was amazed to see them practicing something unimaginable. They picked up whatever they needed and put the money in a box. No checks or person to monitor it. That time I realized that it is better to put the box of honesty before students than giving lessons of honesty using a book. In same school I also saw unique laboratory teaching student draw map on sand squares using scale of cord. Not necessary that you will find a good teacher only in big school of a city. Even I have seen good number of real teachers, who is having a real zeal for teaching with heart in small primary school in villages.

It feels like a politician has entered into class under the garbs of a teacher when he punishes students, shows partiality, utters foul word and talks of hollow ideals.

The warm relationship between students and teachers makes the school’s atmosphere lively and humanly, and leaving long lasting memoirs of true relations. It is also visible in the training of principal. It is also visible in the success of school management’s vision and can be felt in the society that values its teacher with a strong sense of pride. It is also visible in the system rewarding teacher’s abilities. Truly showcased in village’s ideals and is surely experienced in management system that backs the teachers who are doing well. It sparkles in the eyes of students and visible in the wings of proud parents. It shines equally in the reputation of family. It is also felt in the remains of the last rites of the teacher as well.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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