Our entire educational system is working with keeping an eye on percentage based results. Majority of the parents are deciding the career-line for their wards on the basis of percentage they have obtained in the Std. 10th and 11th. The entire system acts like the child’s academic excellence has no connection or links with his/her interest, talents, inclination, skills and career. Right from the kindergarten level the parents are evaluating the performance of their children’s on the percentage they have obtained rather than looking at their natural abilities and talents.

Rather than bringing out the talent and personality of a child, today our entire education system is moulding him into a robotic machine that just stores and rote the information and pouring them out in examination-hall; and mostly a machine that runs after the money.

The Government, System, Society, Media – altogether have sowed only the seeds of competition, jealousy, impatience, and show-off and as a result the trend of mass scaled corruption, attraction for money and wealth have rampantly grown-up in the society.

Our Divyapath School (Memnagar division) had organized a ‘Career Carnival’ in the year 2008-09. In the Carnival, the students had prepared over 250 projects as per their interests and inclinations: each project was showcasing present days’ career opportunities and next generation career for the future times. While, kindergarten children had played a skit depicting the essential language-skill, smartness and alertness requiring for becoming “The Airhostess.” During the event, over 30,000 people, mostly parents, had visited the school and after that I noticed that the focus of the parents have shifted from ‘Results’ to ‘Career’.

Ahmedabad city’s well known Chartered Accountant had made two unsuccessful attempts in the 12th Science, before he opted for the Commerce Faculty and became the Chartered Accountant. His failures were the results of overlook of one important fact, when he was in 10th Standard, he had obtained very good 58 marks in Arithmetic, but, his performance was not good in the Algebra. If his parents had noticed this important fact at the time of results of his 10th standard, I am confident that then they could have easily saved three important years of his academic career and prevented him from suffering of ‘depression, frustration, and failure’ for that span of time.

Who is sowing the seeds in the brain of our children that the success of life lies only in becoming Doctor or Engineer? Why our children are just dreaming of ‘to become a Doctor or an Engineer only?’ Why our children are not showing passion for the fields like Music, Painting, and Sports? Why our Children are not searching for a career in the field of ‘Wildlife Photography’? Why result of our research is always ending in ‘Zero’? Despite of having such a vast coastal line, why are we backward in the fields like swimming and marines? Why only a handicapped person from Japan and a blind man from Scotland are thinking to climb the Mount Everest? Why Gujarati youths are running away from joining Army, Navy and Air Force?

An answer to all these questions is lying in our education system which we have set up as a career for them (children).

Today’s our success is the success of the percentage obtained on a good memory. Now-a-days, all our ventures are aimed at generating capital wealth. All our growths are visible in possession of materialistic valuables, thus ultimately, rather than living in a good life style, we are living in a world that is indulged in a competition in possessing materials and means.

For our kids, we are securing good percentages in the exams, but, we are not able to teach them, how to survive in the times of failure? Today’s youth are able to ride the motor-bike at very high speed, but rarely knows, “What is a time-management?” He knows how to use a high-end mobile, yet, doesn’t know that the Mobile is for a ‘Management Mobility or Entertainment Mobility?’ We are not yet able to bring in an educational syllabus that teaches ‘A respectable life can be lived with a bicycle, rather than with a high-brand car only.’ Our mind-set of ‘talking of high morale but doing a lot of wrongs’ has not yet changed.

Let’s come on, teach our children an art of living rather than pursuing them into the competition of percentage; and to realize that the prosperity of the family is not lying in money and means, but, in eating and sharing together. Money ultimately delivers nothing but tension, bad-habits, poverty and diseases; therefore, we must teach our children to live a healthy, happy and simple life, rather than converting them into the money-earning robots.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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