Successful Teacher

Unsuccessful Teacher

A successful teacher touches heart and inner-being of his students. An unsuccessful teacher feeds only information in child’s brain.
A successful teacher transforms the information into knowledge, and then teaches it to the student. An unsuccessful teacher converts knowledge into information.
He thinks of all-round development of the children. He just thinks about marks-oriented improvement in students’ results.
He makes learning process a joyful experience. He mechanically follows teaching process.
He turns knowledge into science by referring book as a resource. He considers books as everything for teaching and turns knowledge into information.
He converts education into knowledge and brings success to the students. He converts learning into a competition and baffle students into the webs of mark base system.
He gives priority to encourage weak students. He focuses only on bright students.
Students find solutions of their difficulties in him. Students see him only as a problem, not as a solution provider.
Students keep faith on their teacher and give a special niche in their hearts. Students see him just a paid-teacher and then forget him.
Every moment students have spent with their teacher becomes a pleasant and memorable experience for them. Every moment students spend with the teacher passes mainly as a stressful and disgustful experience.
He is like a divine-man and is the oxygen to the school. He is an unsuccessful man behind the shadow of a teacher and is a destroyer who creates problems.
Students keep trust on him and can go ahead in their education. In a puzzled educational system, a student does not feel comfortable.
He has a vision of ‘How to shape-up the students to be a part in nation building.’ He is busy with in fulfilling his own interests through teaching.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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