The school authority took a serious note of the prevalent trend in 12th standard students, when only 20 out of 120 students opted for the Science Stream. This bitter reality was taken by us as a serious challenge and as a result we implemented few concrete remedial measures:

  • A weekly-visit to the Science Lab was made compulsory for the students from 7th – 9th
  • A series of science based tours, exhibitions and programmes were conducted on regular basis in the school.
  • A series of the lectures by the learned personalities from renowned institutions like ISRO & Community Science Centre were planned out at regular intervals.
  • Presentations and exhibitions showcasing the career opportunities in the Science stream were also done at frequent time gaps in the school.
  • ‘Science Quiz and Debate Competitions’ were organized among the students to generate their interests for the Science stream.
  • Science-Math carnivals were done at the regular intervals in the school.
  • The lectures from the former Science students who have made a successful career and life were also conducted in the school.
  • Counseling of the bright students, who are not opting for Science stream just because of psychological fear, were also done.
  • The Group Projects to generate interest for Science among the students were organized; and each of these groups was being headed by a teacher, who was assigned a responsibility is to finish the project successfully.
  • Competitions on Making Science Teaching Aids were organised for students of class 9th in the school.
  • ‘Making Robotics’ inter-school competition was organized which attracted participation from over 85 students of 24 other schools of the city.
  • ‘Career Awareness Programs’ had been organized for over 800 students of the 9th class to elaborate the benefits for opting for Science stream.

As a result of these measures, in the next academic year 70 pupils of total 120 students of the class 9th had opted for the Science stream If this result can be attained by the sincere efforts of a one-school teacher, then with united efforts of all the schools what cannot be achieved!

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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