A lady professor from one University had attended our school’s Training Programme and she delivered a beautiful lecture on the subject: ‘A Teacher must touch the heart of the students!’

During the Training Programme, she had narrated her own a true life experience.

During her lecture with the second-year students of B.A., one of the students was constantly looking out of the window with his eyes set on the sky. This simply annoyed and made her very angry, so, she instructed him to leave the class and see her in her office during the recess time.

Later, when the student entered into the staff-room to meet her, he disclosed that he is son of a farmer, hailing from an interior village of Sabarkantha District. And then he handed over a postcard, written by his father, to the lady professor.

On the postcard, the father had written, “Dear Son, I don’t have money to pay your fees. Nobody is lending me money even on interests as weather condition is like drought prone, however, if the rain starts, then anyhow I will arrange to borrow some money for you. Anyway, if your college authority doesn’t permit you to attend the class ‘due to non-payment of fees’, please come home for few days!”

“That is why I was looking at the sky with a hope that if the clouds could appear in the sky, then I will not have to leave my study halfway and return home. I am taking food only once in a day to save some money and having just one pair of clothes to wear”, he stated his condition almost with an emotionally choking voice.

The disclosure of this bitter reality, which is almost similar for the most Indian farmers and having the same fates, had touched my heart and softened me as my anger towards him had gradually evaporated with a thought crossing over to mind that “How much the fate of Indian farmers is depending on the ‘Good Monsoon’ season!”

However, often such hard struggling circumstances are toughening the child to groom into a strong man. Therefore, I believe that for grooming a person into ‘a man with a strong character’ adverse circumstances like lack of money and food, deprived of amenities, and others are sometimes proving to be ‘A BLESSING IN DISGUISE’!

Even the gold must pass through the fire to take a shape of jewellery!

We make a collective morning- prayer at 7:00 O’clock in the school precinct with an idea to interlink and converge the 50 individual mornings of each student to make it as a single morning and finally to link it with the morning of the teacher. That is why, it is called ‘Prayer, Peace-Mantra!’

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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