A change in the Perception to looking at the problem, often finds a solution within the problem! The change in perception, finds an answer within the question. Change in the perception is changing the situation itself!

A man’s perception can be changed with a proper training. Therefore, the Training should be such as that it changes one’s Perception.

When I was governing the D. P High-School, in the year-2000 I had attended a lecture on ‘MAKE YOURSELF A LEADER’ delivered by a well-known speaker on the subject as a training programme at a handsome fees of Rs 25,000.

That Leadership Training Programme had entirely changed my perception on ‘Governing an Institution’. As a result of newly found perception, I decentralized the entire administration. Most of my responsibilities were relegated to the teachers of the high-school division.

The teachers had geared up themselves to take-on the new role of ‘An Administrative Officer’. In turns, every teacher was given an opportunity to administrate ‘Prayer and Stage Management.’

Thus, today my high-school section has not just ‘8’ teachers but all of them are like ‘8’ Principals as they all have a capacity to administrate the school “SUCCESSFULLY.”

As now I am less burdened, I have focused my entire energy in further expansion of my institution. As a result of change in my perception, the growth path of my teachers and institution has completely been changed.

After attending the training programmme ‘MAKE YOURSELF A LEADER’, it completely changed my entire perception for The Training.

I think, now first we need to the change perception of every institution for: The Training.

The private corporate-houses that have set-up a new benchmark for High Quality Administration for their employees, are now conducting Management Training Programmes for the government officials too at the regular intervals.

Today’s teachers’ mind-set are as such ‘To continue teach with the same methodology’, ‘Circumstances are adverse to implement any change in my teaching style or method’, ‘What is my interest or gain?’, ‘Is government going to confer me with any award?’, ‘Am I going to have any monetary benefits (mainly salary-rise)?’ ‘My fix income of the salary is secured.’ All these need to be changed as these mind-sets have simply killed our instinct of ‘competition’, ‘adoption of a new approach and novice ideas’. Therefore, any institution that has done a little change in its method and has gained better performance with it; is drawing an attention of everyone and thus making a giant stride in its progress.

This wave of change is taking place at the schools where the principal is having open mind-set. The changes are possible only at the schools where teachers have not lost their faith in the system.

A new perception that ‘The training is firstly going to benefit the individual teacher too, not just the institution’ should be developed.

If ‘A’ is given 1 mark and 26 to ‘Z’ than the total of ‘ATTITUDE’ will be 100-marks. That should be examined, understood, accepted and implemented.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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