• The occurrence of genetic and biological changes in the body due to adolescence age amongst the teenagers are often bring changes in their behaviours, that often give a false impression of indiscipline and unknowingly invite punishment for that.
  • The natural attraction towards opposite-sex due to adolescence age amongst the teenagers, often resulting into behavioural changes thus creating an atmosphere of ‘indiscipline’ in the class-room.
  • The psychological influence of movies, television and other medias like internet, channels, CDs, DVDs, etc. on the teenagers ultimately create an atmosphere of ‘indiscipline’ in the class-room.
  • The psychological changes caused due to adolescence age are often resulting into an atmosphere of ‘indiscipline’ in the class-room.
  • The happening of physical, behavioural and mannerism changes among the teenagers due to adolescence age are often causing problems in maintaining the discipline in the class-room.
  • The psychological influence of family environment, society, and religious identity on the mind-set of the teenagers and their adverse impact on the class-room atmosphere.
  • Lack of training to teachers on psychology of the teenagers, the methods of punish adopted by the teachers for the teenagers and remedial measures taken to prevent physical punishments.
  • The transformation period from childhood to adolescence age among the students, particularly in the girl-students, naturally brings large-scale behavioural changes due to changes in their body-hormones. The girls are becoming more aware and conscious about their clothes, hair-style, appearance and body-look. Moreover, sometimes they become less-attentive in the class-room study. When these things come to the notice of the teachers, they often make comments; sometimes even very sharp verbal comments or punitive actions. The girls are mostly not capable to discuss their womanhood problems openly with the teacher. They try to share these problems with only their girl-friends. As a result often the teacher is experiencing an atmosphere of indiscipline in the class-room.
  • The teenagers mostly preferred to make jokes, fun, comments etc. within the same aged groups of friends. The boys are becoming aware of their physical growth and often try to exhibit their physical power to prove that they are more strong compared to others. Their nature is becoming more enterprising, aggressive and risk-taking, which are often being reflected or witnessed in the class-room. It becomes more visible in behaving with the neighbouring friends or class-mates. Often they are found indulging into making fun, jokes and small mischief in the class-room. The teachers have to be very cautious, restrained and refrained in dealing with them (teenagers).
  • In the Teenage-years, it is natural amongst the boys and girls to get physically attracted towards each other. Particularly, students of Std. 8, 9, and 10 are acting with each other like they are the open competitors or rivals to each other. In the class-room, they make accusation on each other about their respective mistakes, attitudes and behaviours. Sometime they even get indulged in the verbal duels or exhibit aggressive attitudes or behaviours towards each other. All these are very natural happening because of their reformation age span. Therefore, the teacher should handle them with care and caution with the adoption of the practical However, without understanding the mind-set of teenagers few teachers are getting up-set and taking panelizing steps!
  • During the adolescence-years, body changes are occurring visibly fast among the teenaged students. The rise in sensations and growth of genial organs are becoming very lively and their growths are becoming easily visible on the body. The students are becoming more aware about their body. However, as they are not having the complete knowledge of adulthood, it is quite obvious that they are becoming inquisitive and curious! As a result, they mostly discuss about it among their groups of friends. Sometime these discussions are entering inside the four-walls of the class-room. In the modern times, the students are not able to restrain themselves from effects, particularly bad-effects, of sexual-knowledge presented through today’s mass communication gadgets and facilities like mobile, internet, CDs, DVDs, photos etc., sometimes such information even penetrate into the class-room. Bringing of such materials by one student in the class-room, generates curiosity among other students and causing problem of discipline. Some teachers are not ready to accept these as a natural course or trend among the teenage students, therefore such teachers consider those students as the wrong-doers and take disciplinary steps against them.
  • The Films, Television and other mediums like Computers, Channels, Internet, Newspapers, and Adult-Magazines are making very deep impact on the soft and adolescent minds of the teenagers. These mediums are affecting even the dress-code and styles of the teenagers. At this age, the teens are often seen expressing their heart’s feelings and sexual attraction for the opposite-sex through love-letters, cards, sehr-sayari (love poems) etc. Few teachers consider these behaviours as ill-doings and take disciplinary steps!
  • During the adolescent-period the girls and boy are becoming very sensitive about any personal comment, particularly downbeat one, in the presence of each other and such statements sometime make them Because of volatility of adolescence, the teenagers are quickly and easily grasping the negative things/habits. Owing to adolescence-problems sometimes they develop or assume bad habits. Disappointment in the contest during the adolescent-period often produce feelings of hatred, rebellion, despair and the feelings to take revenge and to establish that ‘I am competent of doing so!’ For e.g.: the students weak in learning frequently enter not on time in the class-room, making mischief, passing comments. He does all these to prove that he is capable of everything, which, in fact, is his mind-set. His, this attitude often causing situation of unruliness in the class-room.
  • During the adolescence-age, the body of teenage boys and girls are forming more muscles and stronger bony structure. Thus, they develop more interest in activities like out-door games, picnics, songs-music, dance and others. Sometimes boys and girls who are under more influence of the western civilization can’t prevent themselves from expressing their feelings through western customs like singing songs, playing music or making facial and bodily gestures. Even occurring of such incidents unknowingly (as a reaction of subconscious mind) in the class-room or within the school is often annoying some teachers who rather handling them tactfully than go for disciplinary punishment. Such sharp and harsh reaction from the teacher is erroneous, in fact, it is better to show more tolerance and soft approach.
  • In the teenage years, family circumstances are also playing a vital role in behaviour and mannerism of a teenager. The teenagers get more easily affected by different partitions of the society like Rich-Wealthy, Middle and Poor classes; a modern satellite family or traditional united family; different castes, tribes, religions. The frictions among all these divisions become in fact evident during their individual or groups talks, arguments, accusation, and competition and so on. As an outcome, they often make disorder in the atmosphere of the class-room.

– Jaydev Sonagara (Excerpt from his book “Parvarish – Making Children Successful”)

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